Online Pay Stubs Vs Excel Sheet

Instant Pay Stub or Excel Sheet?

Calculations are a part of virtually every department in your business. From accounting to statistics, finances, income tax and even human resources, making the proper calculations keeps your books balanced, your expenses on track, and your employees’ earnings and deductions above board for your company.

When it comes to calculating the wages or salaries of your employees, the traditional way has been to use an Excel pay stub template. While Microsoft Excel sheets offer certain advantages that usually include familiarity with the layout and program, they are being challenged by the instant pay stub generator when it comes to offering a better, overall service. The online pay stub maker offers a simple, yet powerful means of making the proper calculations in a way that gives a company a significant amount of advantages when they choose it over the traditional use of paystub excel sheets.

Advantages of the Online Pay Stub Maker

There are certainly benefits that can be gained when using the power of the pay stub template when making the calculations you need on a daily basis.

Single Payment: One of the best things about the pay stub generator is that you only have to make a one time payment. You are only making a single purchase of the software and therefore are not paying a monthly membership fee or any kind of rolling investment into the service.

Company Transparency: Now, the good thing about your paycheck stubs is that there is nothing hidden between management and employees. In fact, everyone involved will know quickly what the expense is based on the generated pay stub and will take note. This means that as soon as the software is installed and in use, your employees will have instant access to the information, which reduces office tension and increases the trust between management and employees.

No Added Postal Expenses: It was not long ago that employers had to mail pay stubs to their employees on a regular basis which is an expense that can add up over a short period of time. Today, using the online pay stub maker software means that employees can access to download the information online instantly, and not have to wait until the mail arrives.

Better Working Atmosphere: Because employees can access their paycheck stubs thanks to the pay stub generator, it serves to reduce the stress and tension in the office and creates a better working environment overall. Before, employees often had to calculate their own salaries and often did not include factors that made a difference, even when using Microsoft Excel sheets. Now, they have instant access to all of the relevant information, so that they do not have to make calculations based on guesswork.

Simplicity: When compared to using Excel sheets, the pay stub template is simplicity itself thanks to the automatic calculations and ease of using this software system. For many businesses, it has greatly simplified their training methods when it comes to calculating salaries.

Inexpensive: Because the calculations are made with the software templates, it takes less time, effort and money to post the earnings of employees so the company saves money overall. This inexpensive system has definite advantages over using Microsoft Excel sheets.

When making the calculations of whether to stick to Excel sheets and mailing employees their pay stubs, it becomes clear that the online pay stub maker offers many advantages that can save more than just money. It can help create an atmosphere of more trust in your company, and openness between employer and employee.

FAQs About Online Pay Stubs vs Excel

How can I make a pay stub for free?

While Microsoft Excel pay stubs are free, making and downloading pay stubs using Check Stub Maker’s online paycheck stub templates is much easier and efficient. It will take the stress out of your process, and you do not need to worry about finances, since it is a one time payment with a 100% money back guarantee.

How do I make a paycheck stub in Microsoft Excel?

It is possible to keep track of payroll in Microsoft Excel using various formulae and other tricks, but you will likely find the process tedious at best, and unreliable at most. Check Stub Maker is much more efficient and allows you to download fully created pay stubs without hours of work filling in things like rates, payments and deductions on a spreadsheet.

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