5 Tips for Streamlining Your Office Processes

As a business owner, you have no doubt realized the truth to the all too common idiom that “time is money.” Finding better, quicker and more organized ways to do things will help your business run smoother and in the end, be more successful because you can focus your attention on your other small business operations.

While not all businesses are the same, all companies can benefit from good streamlining processes that will simplify the daily functioning and increase productivity. Productivity is the ultimate goal because when your business is operating more efficiently, success is inevitable. According to an Office Depot Small Business Index, 83% of surveyed small businesses believe that having an organized office is key to their success and 63% feel that office organization correlates directly to profitability. So, how do you streamline business processes in order to become more profitable? Here are a few ways to streamline operations.

  1. Organize paper files

There is nothing more overwhelming than a desk full of stacks and stacks of papers. Eliminate this mess and chaos by sorting any necessary papers into files and labeled storage boxes. Make sure all papers have a place so you can retrieve them easily later. Sorting similar papers into their own folders and placing these folders into cabinets or storage totes keep your desk clean so you can feel more productive.

Doing this has two benefits: it allows for more efficient workflow as you are more organized, but it also is helpful in reducing the amount of clutter and chaos in your work environment, which can so often affect your mental health.

  1. Eliminate paper as often as you can

We live in a digital world and where possible, ditch the cluttered paper. Get electronic copies of receipts and use useful apps where you can easily save copies of receipts for your IRS and tax needs later. Saving copies of papers with other digital methods such as Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud will save you space, time and sorting of papers that can easily be organized online. The last thing you would want is for your computer or software to fail, losing all important records and documents. In 2016, 82% of businesses had implemented some form of cloud strategy for storing important files.

This will help streamline operations, clean up clutter, save you money on resources, and also has a knock-on environmental benefit of reducing waste.

  1. Organize your inbox

While we are on the subject of digitally sorting, your email is another place that can get extremely disorganized and messy. When it comes to important documents, emails, and messages from clients and associates, you often cannot afford to miss messages amidst a chaotic, trash-filled email. Take an extra few seconds to unsubscribe from unnecessary ads, set up spam filters and put all important communication in their own folders and files within your inbox so you can find them later.

  1. Keep tidy records and books

Since the most important thing in any business of any kind is the bottom line — that is to say, how much revenue you bring in — keeping track of money management within your business is extremely important. Processing payments, managing incoming money and tracking expenses is not only good business practice, but it’s also the law. The government needs to know how much you made and how much you paid. Using tools to keep you organized is a necessary must within your business.

  1. Implement digital check stubs

Along the subject of staying organized within accounts payable, adding an online pay stub tool is a tremendous relief to this aspect of your company. Rather than stressing as every payday for your employees draws near, you can relax. Using a convenient option like Check Stub Maker, rather than sweating over various parts of payroll like pay stub numbers and formats, our easy-to-use tools and formats do the work for you.

Using the Generator to calculate all the difficult withholdings, deductions and adjustments will make your work life much simpler. Not only does your employee get a digital copy, but you do too and that is one less paper you have to file. We email you a digital file that you can store online. Creating professional digital check stubs will greatly simplify a major task for you and give you time to focus on other business aspects.

Online pay stubs streamline business processes

Meeting your business needs and boosting small business operations with our digital check stubs is something that we are incredibly proud of, so if you are not happy we offer a satisfaction guarantee. We are confident our services will work for you and assist you positively in your productivity by simplifying your pay stub methods and streamlining your business processes. Our 24/7 customer support is here to help you with any questions along the way.

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